1. CANCELLATION OF DISCO, LED DANCE FLOOR AND ANY ADDITIONAL EXTRAS including (Mr & Mrs Letters, Photo Booth / Mirror, Up-Lighters, Pa System, additional hours, early set up) – All cancellations must be made in writing. No verbal cancellations will be accepted.  In the event of you, the client, wishing to cancel a disco booking, upon receipt of your written cancellation, you, the client, will receive written confirmation back advising you that the booking has been cancelled. All cancellations will incur a cancellation fee. If a cancellation is made within 28 days prior to the performance date, as per the booking confirmation, then full payment will be required, if the cancellation is made outside of the 28 days then 50% cancellation fee will be required
  2. Any additional hours (or part of an hour) is charged at £85
  3. An early set-up option is available, providing the venue is within eight miles of KT12 3QH – the disco base. The early set-up fee will be an additional £150. If an early set-up option is required outside the eight-mile radius, then this would need to be negotiated and agreed prior to making a booking.
  4. Should Back Track Disco be prevented from attending a function for any reason outside of its control (including sickness, injury, equipment failure or mechanical breakdown), it will do its utmost to source alternative entertainment to provide a satisfactory performance. Back Track Disco’s liability will be limited to the cost of the hire.
  5. Licences for the performance of recorded music are only required at public events. In most cases, private parties, wedding receptions, etc, do not require a licence.) However, it is the client’s responsibility to ascertain whether or not a licence is required, and entirely his/her responsibility to obtain the necessary licence(s). Should Back Track Disco be prevented from performing due to the failure of the client obtaining the necessary licence(s), or similar permission, or should the performance be cancelled for any reason, Back Track Disco shall be paid in full.
  6. Under no circumstances will Back Track Disco leave any hard standing surface with their vehicles to set up for any performance. If access to the venue is on wet/soft ground (i.e. venue is in a marquee in a field, etc.), the client will be responsible for providing alternative transportation of the disco equipment across any soft/wet ground. In the event Back Track Disco is unable to perform for this reason, full payment of the agreed fee (as per the disco confirmation) will be applied.
  7. The client will allow Back Track Disco adequate time to set up the equipment prior to the performance, and sufficient time afterwards to dismantle and remove the equipment from the venue. If, at the request or instruction of the client, the equipment is to be left at the venue; including the early set option, the client will be liable for any loss or damage, howsoever caused to include negligence, during such time the equipment is at the venue.
  8. The client will provide adequate supervision of their entire guests, staff or any other person at the venue, and will be liable for any loss or damage, howsoever caused to include negligence, during such time as the equipment is at the venue.
  9. The client warrant’s that he/she is entitled to use the venue for the purpose of the advent and performance and provide a 6ft sturdy table for the entertainment.
  10. Back Track Disco personnel will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner throughout their attendance at the venue and will respond to the client’s request as to the volume levels, siting of equipment, and/or any other reasonable request.
  11. Back Track Disco personnel shall in no way be liable of any breach of laws, by-laws or conditions under which any premises or property are leased, hired or entrusted to the client. Should Back Track Disco be found liable for whatever reason, the client agrees to indemnify the service against all losses arising thereof; including its legal costs in defending such claims against all losses suffered from the breach.
  12. Back Track Disco shall expect reasonable access to the property.
  13. Back Track Disco shall expect reasonable access to the properly earthed mains electricity supply. Such supply should also be of sufficient kilowatt rating to enable the safe use of the required equipment for the performance. If, in the opinion of Back Track Disco, the power supply is inadequate, it may reduce the amount of equipment accordingly, without notice prior to and/or during the performance. This includes events in marquees.
  14. Where applicable, the client will permit Back Track Disco to display its advertising material at the venue, prior to and/or during the performance.
  15. All rights are granted for Back Track Disco Personnel to use social media sites to promote their business with either videos or still pictures.
  16. Should the equipment be left at the venue, as in clause 8, and circumstances arise preventing Back Track Disco from gaining access to the venue to remove the equipment at a mutually agreed time, the client shall be liable for any additional expenses incurred or appointments to effect the removal. If Back Track Disco is prevented from carrying out other engagements due to being unable to collect the equipment, the client will be liable for any expenses or losses incurred.
  17. Back Track Disco shall expect the required space (as stated in the package description) to be able to set-up and install the correct package for the client. In the event that the client or venue has not allocated sufficient space (according to the package size booked), Back Track Disco shall endeavour to set-up as much as the package as possible, according to available space, and without compromising safety.
  18. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Back Track Disco in writing of their music suggestions: including the first dance, and any special request(s) at least two weeks prior to the event.
  19. Full or any outstanding payment is required in cash on the performance night, prior to the commencement of entertainment.
  20. All cancellations must be made in writing. No verbal cancellations will be accepted. Upon receipt of a written cancellation, clients will receive confirmation advising that booking has been cancelled. Clause 1 applies.
  21. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Back Track Disco of any amendments or changes from the original booking (i.e. moving of address, venue change, contact numbers, first dances, etc.). In the event that the client does not notify Back Track Disco of any changes (as per the original booking form), and we are unable to contact the client prior to the event, we will attend the venue as per the original disco confirmation and booking form. Back Track Disco will not be liable for any non-appearance, lateness, incorrect playlist; including first dance, and client will be still liable for full payment.
  22. The client will be responsible for providing food and refreshments for the attending Back Track Disco personnel.
  23. I, the client, acknowledge that I have read and understood all the above Terms and Conditions. By ticking the accept box in the checkout page, I agree to adhere to them.